Services What We Do

With design, analysis and programming experience spanning 4 decades, GHHSoftware can both design and implement custom solutions for your business to help with productivity, track inventory & shipping, assist with customer service, provide an Internet presence - an more!

Custom solutions include:
  • Windows Desktop Applications
  • Web-Based Applications
    • Websites accessible from desktop, laptop or phone
    • REST Web Services - Making data available over the Internet
  • WordPress - Setup & Maintenance
  • Tablet and/or phone based applications
  • Document Management solutions (create custom or implement / customize off-the-shelf)
  • Custom integration with:
    • MS Office
    • Quickbooks
    • WordPress
    • SalesForce
    • Or any extensible application your company uses
  • Custom implementation of open-source solutions for ERP, CMS, others
  • Custom import/export of data from your company's applications (where supported)
  • Custom reporting and dashboards - know your company's current status quickly and easily

And... Your first consultation (up to 3 hours) is FREE!

GHHSoftware can assist with all of your PC/networking needs. From new or upgraded workstations, to full networking support and administration, whether you're a 1-person shop or a medium-sized business with dozens of employees and multiple servers, all of your needs are addressed thoroughly.

Services include:
  • PC Support
    • New PCs custom-built to your specifications (with our recommendations), or purchases by us or you and fully setup for your office and users
    • PC upgrades (more memory, more/faster hard drive space, more/better monitors, other customizations)
    • PC troubleshooting / repair
    • Virus diagnosis and cleaning, including full PC wipe & reload from backup if needed
  • Networking
    • New network setup, including wiring, installing and configuring switches, routers, modems, wifi
    • Network enhancement / upgrades
    • Network troubleshooting, repair & maintenance
    • Local networking configuration and administration:
      • Microsoft Active Directory (AD)
      • Peer-to-peer networks
      • Setting up and maintaining network resources (file sharing, printing, scanning)
      • User setup and management
      • Network Security
  • Internet Access:
    • Analysis, selection, setup, configuration and administration of high-speed Internet access
    • Setting up and administrating remote access (connect/work from home)
    • Internet security / controlling access

And... Your first consultation (up to 3 hours) is FREE!

GHHSoftware offers many, many consultation options. Perhaps you have no idea what things might work well for your business, and don't really want to spend a lot of money finding out?

Maybe you'd like to create or enhance your Internet presence (website, social media), but are unsure what's possible (and realistic), the costs involved, and how to go about proceeding.

You may already be using some great off the shelf software or cloud-based services, but would like to do more, and wish you could do something differently, perhaps custom, but you don't know what's possible, what it might cost, or how to go about doing it.

Or - maybe you just have no idea what's possible, given your setup and budget, but keep thinking "I wonder what I may be missing out on", or "isn't there a better way to do this?". But how do you find out what's possible? What might it cost to pay an expert to find out?

You can take advantage of our free first-time consultation to find out if any services are called for, what services are possible, cost and schedule to implement.

Consultation Services:
  • Initial Consultation
    • Get to know GHHSoftware, our services, and what we can do for you
    • Review your current environment and identify opportunities for improvements
    • Discuss possibilities:
      • Solutions to improve productivity - New software, enhancements, add-ons, remote/mobile connected apps
      • Solutions to improve awareness - reporting, analysis
      • Infrastructure improvements - faster networking, more efficient & better organized storage
      • Management improvements - Time tracking, driver tracking
    • The goal here is to find out IF you can afford custom solutions, WITHOUT having to pay a lot to find out it's not practical
  • Custom Software and Enhancements to Existing Solutions
    • After an evaluation of your existing environment and infrastructure, we can discuss:
      • New software to improve productivity, efficiency, throughput and situational awareness
      • Enhanements or add-ons to existing solutions already used in your business
      • Adding scanning (document imaging) to replace or supplant paper systems
      • Adding mobile devices (tablets, phones, scanners) to capture more information crucial to your business
      • Hardware enhancements:
        • PC upgrades, new workstations, networking
        • Improvements to networking (Internet / office network) to improve speed and efficiency

And... Your first consultation (up to 3 hours) is FREE!

For customers who use my services on a regular basis, and want to save even more money, I do offer service agreements. They work like this:
  • I offer blocks of 10 hours at a discount, with each additional block increasing the discount, up to a limit of $20/hour
  • The pricing structure is:
    • 1st 10 hours - $5 discount
    • 2nd, 3rd 10 hours - $15 discount
    • 4rd and subsequent 10 hour blocks - $20 discount
  • So, for example, if you wanted to purchase 50 hours of discounted time, it would work out to:
    • Regular price at $75 / hour: $3750
    • 1st block of 10 hours, at $5 discount: $700
    • 2nd/3rd block off 10 hours, at $15 discount: $1200
    • 4th/5th block of 10 hours, at $20 discount: $1100
    • Total Cost: $3000 - That's a $700 (23%) Savings!
  • Additional Perks for Service Agreements:
    • Travel fee is never charged, regardless of distance
    • Fees for additional consultations / design meetings are often waived (at my discretion)
    • Small tasks, (phone/email/text advice, remote support) fees are often waived (at my discretion)
    • Generally, you're doing me a favor by paying up front, so I look for small ways to save you even more money. One of my clients used this service regularly, and their average savings was 50% off the full-price costs!
    • I track all time spent, and what was billed, and you get a full accounting - including free-of-charge services, and the total savings.
NOTE: Service Agreements are non-refundable, once payment has been received.

Remember... Your first consultation (up to 3 hours) is FREE!

When I started GHHSoftware back in 1999, I the standard fee was $50/hour. Around 2004, I raised that to $75/hour, and the rate has never increased since. Why? Because this fee structure meets all of my needs, while keeping my services affordable. Another great service I can offer is even lower prices to individuals (as opposed to businesses) who just need some work done on their PC/laptop and aren't running a business (see below).

Here are my standard fees:
  • 1st Consultation at your location: FREE
  • Per hour rate: $75/hour
      • Personal / Home customer: 1st job capped at $30 (exclusions may apply, worked out per customer)
      • Fees are negotiable, on a case-by-case basis
  • Software Development: $50/hour (for the chance to develop new & exciting solutions, you get a 33% discount!)
  • Travel Fee: $37.50 (if drive to+from more than 45 minutes)
    • Fees often waived for higher dollar amount work
    • NOTE: No travel fees ever for Service Agreement customers

Remember... Your first consultation (up to 3 hours) is FREE!